Wednesday, 18 February 2009

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Tom Delonge has indeed confirmed on his ModLife that the music you hear in the previous link is actually a Blink 182 Demo snippet!

Tom Delonge teases us with 09 Blink Stuff

Tom Delonge quite clearly teasing, not sure if this is Blink 182 new material or Angels and Airwaves, here an intro to a song, with him talking on webcam with it....

Sum 41 & Mark Hoppus?

Rumour has it that Mark Hoppus may be producing Sum 41's new album and providing lyrics for the new song, Sum 41 are currently not shedding much light on it, sources claim that it is just a rumour, who knows?

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Blink 182 Future

2009 Promises to bring;

New Blink 182 Album
The beginning of a World Tour
A Summer Tour w/other bands (Warped Tour?)
Interviews with leading magazines
New website w/new merchandise (
+44 Material
AvA Material
AvA Movie
The reunion of the biggest pop-punk band

Blink 182 interview after the Grammy's 09

Heres the link for the Blink 182 Post Grammy Interview with Billy Bush, the band discuss the future and how Blink will unveil itself...

Blink 182, Summer Tour?

Rumour has it that Blink will be performing a major Summer Tour, could they make a return to stage on the Warped Tour?

Lots of news from the Blink 182 camp

AVA movie pushed back. May be release with the new CD.

Next AVA record may sound like new Blink cd.

Blink not doing much touring. But he did say they will be touring in a big event this summer. which could be warped tour, but no further info was given.

Blink modlife a real possibility. Tom also said that both Mark and Travis like the idea about it.

He also said that since he and the rest of everyone on AVA modlife are tied together, he might make the blink modlife free for ppl who suscribe to AVA.

AVA might not be touring, not in studio this year because Tom is in the studio with Blink.

Blink is NOT temporary. They will be releasing their album this year, as well as touring.

Blink and AVA modlifes might be 2 for the price of 1.

Tom ALMOST played part of a blink demo, but he decided not to because he knew that it would be bootleged all over and that he should talk to Mark and Travis about it first.

David, Matt, and Atom are apparently working on their own project down in the studio that tom said he will tell us later about.

Speculation into +44

On Paul Rosenbergs (Mark & Travis manager) blog it suggests that +44 are still not through as they have material ready for release, however it is suspected that this is utter rubbish but as Blink/+44 fans it would be nice to hear the material that was compiled for a new album, sit tight & I shall try and pull a few strings to see what I can get. Here is what Paul Rosenberg had to say in his blog.....

"I know I'm not breaking any news here, but I'm glad to report for those who haven't heard that Blink-182 has reunited following their 4 year hiatus! At the 51st Grammy Awards Travis, Tom and Mark took the stage to present Best Rock Album (Coldplay won) and announced the big news. I had a chance to snap this photo of the three before they took the stage to make it official to the world...We'll be managing the group as a continuation of represnting Travis and Mark (individually and as +44) along with Rick Devoe Management and couldn't be more proud and excited about the possibilities. Click here for the official Blink website and here for their Myspace page. Therein you'll find their official statement and be sure to check out the recession special $10 t-shirt prices, lasting through Feb. 22nd. More info on the way as it becomes available."

Are +44 on the rocks scuppered by Blinks reunion or do you think there is more to come from +44?

Blink 182 are back

Blink 182 Re-Unite at the 51st Grammy Awards in the US and announce at a backstage interview "we are back", with a promised World Tour, New Album, Blink 182 are back from a 4 year hiatus 17 years deep into their incredible legacy